Retaining Walls

Prevent Erosion and Damage

Retaining walls provide support to soil on a slope and prevent erosion and damage to your home. There are many different material choices for retaining walls varying in strength and longevity. At Brogdon Construction, we have years of experience building and repairing retaining walls in South Mississippi.

retaining wall

Our services are made to last, and we understand the importance of a solid and sturdy retaining wall.

If you have an existing structure that has been damaged by erosion or other elements, we will quickly repair or replace any portion. We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards, and our services are completed in a timely manner.

Retaining walls vary in length, height, and depth and should be completed by a professional with years of experience. Depending on our customer’s specific needs, reinforcement may be required to ensure maximum stability and longevity. Proper construction of retaining walls is essential, and our service is unmatched.

Fully licensed and bonded contractor

We are a fully licensed and bonded contractor and ensure that each client is completely satisfied with our work. Call us today if your retaining wall is in need of repair or if you are ready for new construction.

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